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ARE you EARNING $100,000 to $400,000 per year WITH YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS?

If not, stop wasting your time, make A change, and earn what you are worth!

Seeking business partners nationwide

There are more leads here than we can handle!

Full Time $120k+ First Year (minimum), $200-$300k possible

Part Time is an option if you have a current money making business or a job.

Earn enough money working weekends to replace your current situation if you need to.

Are you an independent self starter and coachable? Are you friendly and genuinely like to help people?

Do you want the ability to work your own schedule yet have a clear roadmap to success?

Want a career that allows you to earn a terrific income, yet have fun with a great team?

Let's be Crystal clear:

  • This is NOT MLM (Multi-level Marketing)
  • NO selling to friends and family
  • NO cold calling
  • NO inventory to buy
  • NO courses or memberships to purchase
  • NO recruiting people
  • NO outsourcing headaches
  • NO angry customers expecting miracles
  • NO contracts locking you up into anything

you will find:

  • Warm leads who contacted YOU that are interesting in buying
  • Build your own Agency / Management Opportunities
  • Paid weekly by direct deposit
  • FREE training and FREE sales conferences (Always Free!)
  • You are provided a clear "Roadmap to Success"
  • Independence - Control your own work schedule
  • Initial sale commissions + Lifetime residuals vested Day One
  • Happy clients that send you referrals
  • Jumpstart Toolkit with FREE custom website

Message from Jonathan Kirkland

August 23, 2019

My journey started with an overseas outsourcing business I purchased that literally crashed and burned in late 2017.

The business closed abruptly, I was forced to lay off 100+ great employees and refund loyal customers that were left scrambling for a new vendor. The result was hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal losses.

Talk about beaten down, betrayed, embarrassed, and depressed.

Maybe you know the story but it's certainly not worth discussing here. Let's just agree that evil people suck.

That's it for the sob story, but I really need you to know where I was coming from.

Life happens and we move on, right? We pick ourselves up and we start over!

I needed a change and a jumpstart. I went looking something to do where I could make real money, at least six figures to survive and hopefully mid-six figures per year to enjoy life the way that my family deserves. Searching for over a year, I couldn't find anything out there to be passionate about.

One day, I get a call from my friend Jason telling me I need to look at the "insurance business" and how he had met this gregarious guy, Eric at the W Hotel in Austin, Texas. Eric was working something special and was very successful.

I told Jason, "No way"! It was too good to be true, I would never be interested in insurance, and the incomes that people were supposedly earning were totally unbelievable.

Maybe you can relate because I have been misled, taken advantage of, straight up lied to, and I refuse to let it happen again.

So I reached out to Micheal, one of my lifelong friends with respectable 26+ years in the insurance industry, asking him about this "niche business".

To say he was "skeptical" is to say it nicely.

I researched DEEP FOR DAYS... you know when you go 30 pages deep in your Google searches. Reading forums, Glassdoor, government filings. Everything.

My interest started growing as I couldn't find the scam, the angle, or how someone was going to cheat me.

Result of all hours the research?

Found a business where anyone with a simple work ethic can succeed.

Company has a 4.9 rating on Glassdoor with 400+ reviews!

Found world class training where the top agents pay it forward with great training.

I found a business where we truly help people.

Money is important, and I found a business that gives me a SOLID opportunity to provide a great life for my wife and three kids.

Here come the questions for you...

Are you tired of looking for the next hyped-up guru course, the next amazing marketing software product, or next get rich quick scheme?

Are you willing to work?

Are you willing to spend time training and learning?

Are you willing to sometimes step out of your comfort zone?

Are you willing to follow a proven system where you can do $3k, $5k, or $10k+ a week? Sounds crazy?

I am not a great salesperson and I personally wrote $11,720 of business my first week in the field. Just followed the system.

Let's have a 30-minute phone chat and see if this business might be a good fit for you.



PS. Oh, what about my friend Michael with 26+ years of experience who owns his own Property & Casualty insurance agency? He jumped in! He regretted waiting a month to take action. His first week of sales commissions resulted in over $7000 deposited into his bank account.

PSS. Everyone goes through the "non-belief phase". It's expected and natural, but don't wait too long to get involved. You will regret the wasted time. TRUE TALK.

Why should you join the team?

  • Your success is the highest priority
  • Top starting commission levels for new agents getting licensed for the first time
  • For experienced, licensed producers, we will improve your bottom line earnings
  • We are a "Family First" team, when you are a part of our team, you are FAMILY
  • We are a diverse team from all walks of life, backgrounds, religions and ethnicities
  • "Jumpstart" small group training for all new agents
  • "FFL Academy Tool Kit" supplied to all of our new team members to give you the advantage in the field
  • Free training, training, and more training
  • 24/7 Support from the entire team - we help each other!
  • Free CRM
  • Free personalized individual website
  • Our team is marketing and tech savvy so we are always collaborating on the best tools to make our time more productive and constantly improving our results in the field

Since you have actually read this far I will make you this offer - Let's talk and if we both agree this is a good fit for you, I am so confident that you will succeed that I will personally pay the $150 for your online study course at ExamFX to guarantee you pass the test to get the state license.

- Jonathan

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I can't accept everyone to join the team, background check and state licensing required.

So please, no ax murderers, fraudsters, or evil people.