Social Media

There is a science to social influence and engagement.

Virtual Group Social Media campaigns begin with brand optimization of all of your social media assets and social media profiles to have the same identity and branding as your business for maximum results.

We will then drive to attract an audience, such as adding thousands of targeted Twitter and Facebook followers through active, quality engagement.

Throughout the time building your tribe of followers, we will entertain and engage, developing your brand with appropriate planned content on a regular, scheduled basis.

Our digital marketing experts do not just manage your social media presence—we monetize it.

Connect with your market on a personal level. Interact directly with customers.

Interaction is key to establishing trust between you and your prospects.

An outstanding website is not always enough to capture your target market.

"Attract and Interact" with your targeted audience using the online platforms where your target market is active.

Nine out of every ten millennials trust businesses that have a robust online presence.

Data shows that customer acquisition in some types of businesses can be 62% higher on social media than on traditional websites.

Not surprisingly, when searching specific categories of businesses online, 90% of the time, results are populated first by their social media pages followed by their traditional business website.

Painfully obvious where these types of businesses should be focusing their marketing dollars, right?

Most people use social media to share pictures of their dinner plates and their vacations. Virtual Group sees social media as a tool to find new clients and create raving fans.