marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy Review and report

Virtual Group will consult with your team, analyze your existing marketing data and prepare a 30-50 page comprehensive review outlining an actionable, step-by-step strategy to achieve the goals of the company.

Deliverables (30 days):

  • Complete list and report of marketing assets and web URLs
  • Review analytics data to find lead generation opportunities by our Google Analytics Certified team member
  • Comprehensive website review including Search Engine Optimization audit by our experienced SEO team
  • PPC Program campaign reviewed by our team of data scientists
  • Summary of all directory listings and recommendations for new directories to pursue
  • Analysis of current web language and positioning with recommended uses within writing patterns and email marketing campaigns
  • Review of all social media channels and profiles, used and unused
  • Summary of existing lead generation channels and recommendations for new avenues to pursue (SEO, sponsorships, partnerships, podcasts)
  • Sales funnel and customer registration process review
  • Interviews with three clients to better grasp what makes the company unique – these takeaways will be used to improve messaging for marketing and lead generation
  • Study of current and past client actions: how to improve ROI from referrals
  • Review of the current lead qualification process
  • Online reputation review and recovery strategies
  • Suggestions for areas of improvement in applicable areas
  • Email script writing for cold email lead generation
  • Software recommendations
  • Listing of at least 20 potential service providers and contact information
  • Comprehensive PPC campaign report with actionable areas for ROI improvement
  • A 90-day fast action plan with a heavy focus on ROI presented to the client.

Investment: $8,500