Social Search Optimization

What is social search optimization (SSO)

Traditional internet search engine use is already on the decline. Mobile users are turning to social media and e-commerce platforms to conduct more and more search queries. Virtual Group can help you take advantage of this dynamic shift in how users search the web.

The next generation of search is happening on social media, and the platforms know it, they are creating content optimization rules that are very similar to those used by Google. Virtual Group will help you design your company's social profiles to act more like websites and social media posts to be more like web pages. If you want your content to rank well in search, Virtual Group can lead your marketing strategy to include Social Search Optimization (SSO).

What is especially important is that influencers hold a unique advantage in the next generation of search because social search algorithms take follower count, comments, reposts, and likes into account when calculating a post's rank.

Since social media platforms have a chance to disrupt Google, they should not be ignored. Allow Virtual Group Marketing to assist your company in exploiting this trend.